The 2022 Corsham 2K and 10K events will be held on the 24th April 2022, to make the event a safer place for our runners and spectators there will be a number of road closures and restrictions in place.

Where possible, we would encourage runners and spectators to walk or cycle to the event, cycle racks will be available to the Race HQ at the Corsham Town Football Club, Lacock Road (SN13 9HS) What3Words(format.bleat.nooks)
If driving, please consider car sharing with friends/running club mates.

Corsham has plenty of Public Parking, most of which is FREE on Sundays, some car parks have a 70p fee. The attached map shows the locations of these car parking facilities, below are the post codes and Wha3Word location finders should you not be familiar with the area.

NB. Parking is not permitted at St Bartholomew’s Church car park in the town centre.

Rugby Club Ground Parking and ROAD CLOSURE

The Lacock Road will be closed to traffic from 08:45 to 12:30. The affected section is from the mini roundabout by the war memorial up to Ladbroke Lane.

There will be no parking available at the rugby club for 2022.

The main public car parks are..

Newlands Road car parks (SN13 0BH/SN13 0HL), What3Words (backyards.irritable.heckler), ( (140-160 Spaces)

Rear Of High Street car park (SN13 0HB), What3Words (hears.grapes.wealth) (45 Spaces)

Additional Car Parking is provided at….

Digital Mansion Corsham Pickwick Road (SN13 9BH) What3Words (hydration.bravo.laptops) (27 Spaces)

Corsham Primary School (SN13 9YW) What3Words (again.prouder.paramedic) (50 Spaces)

The Corsham School (SN13 9DF) What3Words (sized.vouch.fool) (30-40 Spaces)

The Springfield Campus (Leisure Centre SN13 9DN), What3Words (cover.retaliate.panther) (150 Spaces)

Beechfield Surgey & Medical Centre (SN13 9DL), What3Words ( (30 Spaces)

Station Road, roadside (SN13 9EU). What3Words (suitcase.below.vauled) (20 Spaces)

Finally, please remember to allow plenty of time to park and get to the event start, should you choose to park in any other residential locations please be courteous to our residents and not block any entrance or exits to their properties.

Thank you very much and have a good race!