10K Race Details

Corsham 10K Pre Event Race Brief


Thank you on behalf of the Race Organisers and Sponsors, for entering and supporting our race. It has been a test of patience and resolve to get to this stage where we are at last able to send to all entrants with on the day instructions.
We are delighted that we are now able to look ahead to Sunday 26September at 10.30 when the race will officially commence. Clearly Covid still looms large in everyone’s thoughts, and we ask that anyone with symptoms or who is suffering
at the time of the race does not turn up. At the Race HQ we will have a slimmed down Race Village and unfortunately no sale of running shoes – that will have to wait till April 2022 when we plan to do this all over again!
We will be encouraging runners not to congregate at the end for very long but instead to disperse. At the stage it is inevitable that there will be mixing but please observe so far as possible the distancing principles that we have become so
familiar with, and if you feel comfortable, please wear a mask. Hand sanitizer will be available.

The Race Number you should by now have received in the post has the Timing Chip incorporated so all you will have to do is to pin the number to your running tee shirt or vest. Once you have this as soon as you cross the start and finish line
your number will be recorded and your individual race time will be accurately measured. Should you not have received your number by Monday 21st September then please email james@dbmax.co.uk
If you prefer to start at the back of the field to keep as far from other participants as practicable, please do so, safe in the knowledge that your race time will be accurately recorded.

Free parking is available in any of the Town Car Parks (but not immediately outside the Church and Corsham Court entrance) and in the local Primary and Secondary schools which will be signposted and can be viewed on a map on the
10k website (www.corsham10k.co.uk). Once parked you can have a nice amble down to the start line in Lacock road just 1K away – or better still a gentle warm up jog. There is no parking in the grounds of either the Football Club or Rugby Club
and Lacock Road will be closed to all traffic between 0845 and 1230. Please do what you can to car share or better still make your way to the event by bicycle or on foot. Bike racks will be available at the Football Club.

There will be a secure baggage area located in the grounds of the Football Club.

There are basic and limited changing and toilet facilities available at the Football Club Race HQ. There will be sufficient portable toilets and urinals brought in and positioned prominently in the Football Club Grounds.

As this is the start of the football season and the Club has been promoted, we are not using the pitch at all this year. The warm-up and race announcements will take place on the hard standing and finish line will be on Lacock Road.
Please respect the signs to keep off the pitch.

Water will be provided at the 5K point and again at the finish. To respect the environment, we are once again proposing to use recyclable cups rather than single use plastic bottles. Refill points will be available after the finish.

You are not permitted to run with a personal music system for your own and other’s safety. Out on the country roads you need to be able to hear approaching traffic and directions from Marshals. Please be sensitive to the shared roads
and run on the appropriate side of the road and as directed by Marshals. St John Ambulance will be providing the First Aid services and all principal Marshal points are equipped with radios to ensure a swift response to any casualty.

There will be a pre-race warm up in the Football Club Car Park which will take place at around 1000 after which there will be the Race Brief.

The START line is on Lacock Road to which you should only proceed once directed after the Race Brief. There will be markers up to divide the FAST, MEDIUM AND SLOW runners and we’d be grateful if you are realistic and fit yourself into the
relevant category. As a guide the FAST runners will expect to complete the Course between 30 minutes and 50 minutes, the MEDIUM runners between 50 minutes and 70 minutes and the SLOW runners between 70 minutes and 100 minutes.
Those who prefer to keep a distance from fellow runners will line up behind the SLOW runners.

The Course is undulating with a flat first kilometre than a gentle inline for the next 3 kilometres. Just before the 5K point there is a lovely downhill blast before another gentle climb up Jaggards Lane into Neston. After that the remainder of the
course is mostly flat, but just to ensure you are still awake, there is a short downhill section followed immediately by a tough couple of hundred yards past Corsham Primary School which just takes a bit of head down determination, a good few
deep breaths, and then you’re at the top, ready for the last kilometre back down Lacock Road to the Finish.

Once again, we have Pacers, so if you are looking to get round in one of the times that we have Pacers for, please stick in their company as you run the route. Pacers will be holding sticks with yellow markers and wearing tabards which indicate
the number of minutes they will complete the course in. There are 45, 50, 55, 58, 60, 65 and 70 minutes.

Professional photographers will be present, and you will be able to purchase any photographs via the Corsham 10k website after the event.

Presentations will take place around midday, and there are decent cash prizes for the first, second and third male and female runners, and trophies for winners of each category. Veteran Categories are V40, V50, V60, V70, V80 as well as the
Open and Junior categories.

This year there will be no individual result print outs on the day to reduce contact and paper, however the results will be available shortly after you finish via dbmaxresults.co.uk and select the Corsham10K. A full list of results will appear on the
race website and results will be streamed live onto the DB Mac (our Timers) website as runners cross the finish line.

We hope that the remainder of your training goes well and that you have a great race. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the website if you need anymore information.

This year there was an option to have a reduced entry fee to the race if you didn’t want to have the mementos that we provide. These are a Race Tee shirt, a Medal and a bottle of BSB Beer. If you close the so-called ‘no frills’ option, we will not
be able to provide these. We regret that it is not possible to change from a no-frills option at this late stage.

There are 2 principal charities that the event supports this year. Wiltshire Air Ambulance is the first and the other is Bath Cancer Unit Support Group. Should you wish to further support this or any charity of your choice we will be very pleased.
There are links to both our main charities on the website.

We are grateful to all those who have helped us by way of Sponsorship towards the costs of the race and can assure everyone that this is not a money-making project for Corsham Running Club. All profits after costs go to charity or are retained
to prime the event for next year. Our main Sponsor is once again Strakers Estate and Letting agents who continue to be hugely generous. They also provide us with the Lead Car. All Sponsor’s names are on the back of the Tee shirt so please
patronise them if you can. We also want to acknowledge the many helpers we have on the day whether from the local Primary Schools, Transcoco, or generally upright members of the community who are keen to help the event succeed and
progress from one year to the next.

And finally, we need to thank the members of Corsham Running Club who organise this event and give up their opportunity to run so that others get the chance to be involved in this superb way of keeping fit and staying healthy. If you’ve enjoyed
the event and want to join the warm and friendly group of people that make up Corsham Running Club (www.corshamrunningclub.co.uk), you would be very welcome.

Corsham 10K Race details

Background: The Corsham 10K and 2K usually take place on the Sunday nearest to St Georges Day. The run is now in its 38th year, organised by Corsham Running Club, and all proceeds after costs are donated to local charities.

Date: Sunday September 26th, 2021

Race HQ: Corsham Town Football Club, Lacock Rd, Corsham SN13 9HS

New for the 2021 Race: We are offering a super discounted option, called the No Frills Package. The £12/ £14 entry fee is for runners who don’t want the medal, t-shirt and beer on completion of the race. The No Frills Package is there for runners who are happy with water and a banana at the finish line.

Entry: No Frills Package  £12.00 attached  £14.00 unattached. Full Package £18.00 attached, £19.00 unattached

Entries reopen 12th June 2021 – NO ON THE DAY ENTRIES

Capacity: 1400 runners

Distance: A 10K officially measured course with km markers

Age restriction: 16 and over on race-day. 26th September 2021

Registration: Race packs will be sent in the post. If for any reason you do not receive your pack please register at race HQ before 10:00am on the day

Start: 10:30am

Categories: Male and female overall winner, U18, V40, V50, V60, V70, teams (of 4 – based on sum of finishing positions NOT times)

Timing: Chip timing is provided by DB Max

Cash prizes: Male and female 1st, 2nd and 3rd = £100, £75, £50

Memento: T-shirt, medal AND bottle of local beer (Except for runners who choose the discounted No Frills Package)

2020 Tee


The 10k race starts at the football club and takes a route along the edge of historic Corsham, then gradually climbing up Park Lane to the peak of the course at 4km. Down Westwells to the water station at 5km before heading onto the country lanes and up to Neston at 6km. It is then mostly downhill to the finish, but watch out for the cheeky climb on Pound Pill at the 9km mark before heading back to the finish at the football club.

map of 10k