Important Update Regarding Both 10K and 2K Races

We are pleased to announce that the Corsham 10K and 2K event will be held on Sunday 26th September 2021.

While we hope to run the event as we usually do, there may still be restrictions in place and we ask you to be patient with us, we’ll give as much notice as possible for any special rules.

The 2022 event will revert to our traditional end of April date (tbc).

Due to the number of events being rescheduled around that time and personal choices surrounding large crowds, we are offering deferral to the 2022 race. If you’d like to take the option to defer then please contact the race director by Sunday 6th June.

Remaining race entries for the 10K and all entries for the 2K Fun Run will be opened on Saturday 12th June

Email for the 10K  –    racedirector@corsham10k.co.uk

Email for the 2K  –    2kracedirector@corsham10k.co.uk

Big thanks to our Sponsors for their continued support