Runners are encouraged to walk or cycle to the race HQ if possible. If driving, please consider car sharing with friends/running club mates.

There are lots of parking options in Corsham Town (all free on Sundays!), from where it is a 10-15 minute walk to race HQ. Details of these options can be seen on the below map. Click a car icon for the address/postcode and number of spaces. From the town, you might like to take the beautiful walk across Corsham Court rather than along the Lacock Road which will be closed to traffic. Follow the blue line on the map and please factor the walk into your journey time.

NB. Parking is not permitted at St Bartholomew’s Church car park in the town centre.

If you are not able to park in the town there is parking next door to the race HQ at the football club. Please note the parking at the football club may be muddy.

Football Ground Parking and ROAD CLOSURE

The Lacock Road will be closed to traffic from 08:45 to 12:00. The affected section is from the mini roundabout by the war memorial up to Ladbroke Lane. If you wish to park at the football ground on Lacock Road (parking 8), this will only be accessible until 10:15 from the Chippenham (east) end (see map below). After 10:15 there will be NO ACCESS to the football ground parking as we’ll be starting to get runners out on the road at that point. Please note that this is a hard cut-off time for the safety of the runners so please don’t give the marshals a hard time if you arrive at 10:16 and are not allowed entry!

Vehicle exit from the football ground will be permitted from 10:45 but only heading east back towards Chippenham.

The best plan is to park in town or not drive at all!!!

Full list of parking options

In town

  1. Long Stay car park, Address: 1 Newlands Rd, Corsham SN13 0BH (70-80 spaces)
  2. Short Stay car park, Address: Newlands Rd, SN13 0HL (70-80 spaces)
  3. Springfield LC, Postcode: SN13 9DN (150+ spaces)
  4. Medical Center, Postcode: SN13 9DL (30 spaces)
  5. Corsham School, Post code: SN13 9DF (70-80 spaces)
  6. Corsham Prim Sch, Post code:SN13 9YW (50 spaces)
  7. Station Rd (roadside), Post code: SN13 9EU (20 spaces)

Next to race HQ

8. Corsham Football Club, Post code: SN13 9QG (lots of spaces)

NB. There is NO parking on the Lacock Road, which will be closed to all traffic from 8:45am throughout the duration of the race.

Thank you very much and have a good race!